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Window Graphics

Glass is something which people don’t always pay too much attention too – it’s normally just say a window which you look straight through. There are so many different ways glass can be made to make your life more comfortable, safer or to just make your surroundings more attractive to you or to others. Here’s just a few ideas and solutions where Footprint can help…

Restrictive vision films
Do you want to restrict vision through glass? With privacy window film applied you can do this. Whether you want to stop people looking into your office and seeing what equipment you have or whether it is to give privacy into a meeting room from your main office area.

If people can see into your office, you will be a more likely target for burglars. They may not break in if they do not know what is on offer. These crimes do not just have financial losses, but also lost information and the general clear up/repairs and insurance claims can also be a burden. Sometimes, the ability to have a clear view through glass is necessary whilst still preventing people from seeing in.

Glass Decoration 
Do you have clear glass in your office? Are you missing out on an opportunity to use it as an advertisement feature viewed from the exterior or just simply to jazz up your working environment? Footprint offer an inexpensive solution with stunning visual impact.

Once applied, these window films can also give privacy to a normally open area but at the same time create a more interesting environment. You can supply your own artwork of corporate logos or images for us to use and we can then create a fantastic image onto your glass creating a great look.

  • Cut vinyl window graphics