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Solar Window Films

Regulation 7 of The Workplace (Health, Safety & Welfare) 1992 Regulations states that during working hours, the temperature in all workplaces shall be reasonable. If it is not, then window film can offer a solution.

You can benefit from installing solar control window films in your homes, offices and conservatories. These window films can reflect light and solar energy, some by over 75%. They also reduce heat absorbed, cut down glare and dramatically reduce the heat build up in most situations. Many of our films are able to retain some of the escaping heat in winter months reflecting back into the office or home leading to a more comfortable and pleasant working and living environment, See it as an effective and efficient air conditioning and energy saving option and in turn doing your bit to reduce your carbon footprint!

Safety Window Film
People take glass for granted. It is extremely fragile and, if it is not toughened or laminated, it is extremely dangerous. Applying a safety film will save possible injury from broken glass due to its rigid laminate strength but also keeping the glass clear in appearance.

Etched Vinyl Film
Etched vinyls are used extensively in refurb projects in offices on the glass partitions giving privacy to the rooms and a great design aspect. These vinyls give the effect of sand blasting in several grades all being fully light omitting. Any designs can be used from various patterns or the use of company logo’s.